white [hwīt, wīt]
whiter, whitest [ME hwit < OE, akin to Ger weiss, ON hvitr, MDu wit < IE * kweid-, to gleam, bright, white > WHEAT, OSlav švěšta, a light, candle]
1. having the color of pure snow or milk; of the color of radiated, transmitted, or reflected light containing all of the visible rays of the spectrum; opposite to black: see COLOR
2. of a light or pale color; specif.,
a) gray; silvery; hoary
b) very blond
c) pale; wan; pallid; ashen [a face white with terror]
d) light-yellow or amber
e) blank: said of a space unmarked by printing, writing, etc.
f) of a light-gray color and lustrous appearance: said of silver and other metals
g) made of silver
h) snowy [a white Christmas]
3. lacking color; colorless [white creme de menthe]
4. clothed in white; wearing a white habit [the white Friars]
5. morally or spiritually pure; spotless; innocent
6. free from evil intent; relatively harmless [white magic, a white lie]
a) [sometimes W-] having a light-colored skin; Caucasoid
b) [sometimes W-] of, controlled by, or restricted to Caucasoids
c) [< notions of racial superiority] Slang honest; honorable; fair; decent
8. being at white heat
9. reactionary, counterrevolutionary, or royalist, as opposed to RED (adj. 4a)
10. Rare happy; fortunate; auspicious: said of times and seasons
a) white color
b) a white pigment, paint, or dye
2. the state of being white; specif.,
a) fairness of complexion
b) purity; innocence
3. a white or light-colored part; specif.,
a) the albumen of an egg
b) the white part of the eyeball
c) a blank space in printing, writing, etc.
d) the white or light-colored part of meat, wood, etc.
4. something white or light-colored; specif.,
a) white cloth
b) [pl.] white garments or vestments; white uniform
c) a white breed, esp. of pig
d) [pl.] a highly refined, usually bleached flour
e) short for WHITE BREAD
f) short for WHITE WINE
g) Chess the player or side with the white or lighter-colored pieces
5. [sometimes W-] a person with a light-colored skin; member of the Caucasoid division of humans
6. [often W-] a member of a reactionary or counterrevolutionary faction, party, etc. in certain European countries
8. Archery
a) Archaic a white target
b) the outermost ring of a target
c) a hit on this ring
whited, whiting [ME whiten < OE hwitian < the adj.]
1. to make white; whiten
2. to leave blank spaces in or around (printed or written matter, illustrations, etc.): often with out
bleed white
to drain (a person) completely of money, resources, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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